Farmers, Packing Shed Operators and Produce Marketers - Finally, stock control systems that are easy to use and enable you to:

  • Automatically calculate and monitor your stock levels at any time, broken down by stock type and other important variables
  • Trace all stock down to basic units (e.g. cartons) from picking to the supermarket shelf
  • Avoid frustration and time-consuming nature of tallying
  • Assign produce picking to individual pickers and simplify picker payments
  • Identify picker work performance to enable productivity improvement.


Find out how Autag makes picker payments, carton scanning and supermarket labeling easy and cost-effective.

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Packing Shed Operators

Find out how Autag streamlines stock tracking, managing stock and generating labels that comply with retailer requirements.

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Produce Marketers

Find out how Autag makes it easy for you to  track stock from farm to supermarket and to manage stock data across multiple remote sites (e.g. farms and packing sheds).

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Autag has worked with many clients in the primary produce industries for over 12 years and has combined their intimate industry knowledge and technical expertise to deliver outstanding business outcomes for their clients.

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