Autag has helped farmers, packing shed and produce marketers to:

  • Save time;
  • Eliminate frustration;
  • Reduce picker costs and increase picker productivity;
  • Track stock throughout their supply chain;
  • Managing their produce data and supply chains with greater control and ease;
  • Increase Profit.

These achievements are a direct result of working with Autag and benefiting from our commitment to client satisfaction.

  • Tailor-made - We customize our systems to meet your specific needs and tackle any problems.
  • Client Care - Our service standards and availability ensures that you get the support you need.
  • Expertise - Our team has many years of experience in the primary produce industries, intimate industry knowledge and extensive technical qualifications, supported by ongoing research and training.
  • Simplicity - Our systems are simple, practical and easy to use.
  • Communication - We listen to what you say, give you our best advice and keep you informed.
  • Value - We offer cost-effective solutions that enable you to increase your productivity and profit.


Martin from Autag has enabled us to keep track of our stock in our packing sheds and distribution sheds by building us a customised stock control system and then through system enhancements and ongoing support. The resulting trace-ability ensures that we can deliver quality products and control our stock from the farm to the supermarket. It is a pleasure to work with Autag - nothing is too much of a problem, they deliver on-time and on budget and they are very responsive to solving our problems within short time frames
— Robert Blagus, Operations Manager, Grape Exchange Pty. Ltd.
We’ve enjoyed working with Autag on a number of projects for farms and packing sheds. Their service to clients and communication on and after these projects has always been exceptional. This is backed up by a high level of expertise in database systems and by a drive to always meet the client’s needs.
— Terry Heidemann, Managing Director, Crisp Power and Control.
We have been using Autag’s Orinoco and Barracuda systems for over two years and they have paid for themselves many times over with the cost and time savings that they have given us. They have been very effective in tallying and accurately calculating picker payments and with enabling trace-ability and compliance with supermarkets and government phytosanitary requirements. Autag’s service is terrific, they respond quickly to any support needs or problems that we have.
— John Biggs, Manager, Matilda Maid Fruit Company.