Martin Kammann
Managing Director and Chief Technical Officer

Dipl. Ing. (FH) Systemanalyse (Germany)

Martin gained undergraduate qualifications in systems analysis and software engineering in Germany and then worked as a software engineer and later as a senior technical manager for German company IBO, developing business process re-engineering tools for the banking and financial services sectors. In 1999, Martin and his family emigrated to Australia where, as a Senior Developer and Product Manager, he developed office management systems for Ray White and their group of over 500 offices nation-wide. Martin worked on other software projects in the fruit produce and commercial sectors before founding Autag in 2003.

Martin and the Autag team have since worked with produce marketers, packing shed and farms to enable them to automate and systemise their stock control and supply chain management systems. Through this work, Martin has built Autag into a highly responsive company that delivers practical solutions in the fruit produce sector and which develops world-class systems including Orinoco, Barracuda and Orion.